Together, making New South Wales a better place for children and young people.

Our priorities

  • To consult with stakeholders, including children and young people, to build a strong and effective voice for children and young people in NSW.

  • The middle years of childhood (9-14) is a period of significant physical and emotional development and a time of important transition

  • All people, including our younger citizens, have the right to express their views, especially when decisions are being made that directly affect their lives

  • There is an intimate connection between the built environment and the wellbeing of children


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New era for children’s advocacy in NSW begins today 9 Feb 2015
More than thirty representatives from non-government stakeholder organisations and the Youth Advisor ...
New responsible supervision alcohol requirements for parents and guardians  11 Dec 2014
From 15 December 2014, new responsible supervision requirements will apply if alcohol is supplied to ...
First NSW Advocate for Children and Young People 2 Dec 2014
Acting Secretary General of the ChildFund Alliance Andrew Johnson has been appointed as NSW’s first ...
Support in tough times report 21 Oct 2014
Support in tough times report: Encouraging young people to seek help for others

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